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Studio: » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/9/19

XCritic's Advice:

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 25 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Interracial; Big Cocks; All Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Khloe Kapri, Sinderella, Jill Kassidy, Bailey Brooke, Louie Smalls, Jason Brown, Jason Luv

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Info


Blacked Raw Vol. 12 features Khloe Kapri as the DVD cover girl fucking BBC stud Louie Smalls in the opening scene of the flick. This blonde bombshell’s beaver is pumped and stretched out in a hot scene capped off by a cum blast all over Khloe’s face. Still hooked on his cock, Khloe fucks him again in the shower. Sinderella, Jill Kassidy, and Bailey Brooke have the same addiction to BBC that Khloe does and their twats are pounded out by Jason Brown and Jason Luv, making for a sensational IR movie that runs for roughly two and a half hours. I highly recommend this flick. One of the hottest scenes is the coupling between Jill and Jason that includes a balls-deep downward doggy that has Jill gripping the bed sheets.

Scene 1: Khloe Kapri and Louie Smalls

DVD cover girl is riding around in the big city when she gets a call from her boyfriend. She tells him she’ll be driving back home tomorrow and that she’ll call him then. She’s feeling tired right now. She hangs up the phone just as Louie puts his hand on her leg, revealing that she’s not alone on her late-night ride. He starts filming the two of them with his phone, getting a close up on Khloe sucking his big black cock. “I’ve never sucked a cock this big before,” she tells him. “It just fills my whole fucking mouth up.” Khloe’s pussy is getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of hosting Louie’s big dick. She wants it to stretch her tight pussy open. Khloe chokes on his cock, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She beats her tongue with his dick then wraps her lips around the head of it, slobbering all over it. Once they reach their destination, Khloe spends a little more time in the parked car eating his meat. They take the action to the balcony overlooking the city below. She kisses him then leads him inside the kitchen where she kneels on a barstool doggy style and pulls her panties off to the side so Louie can tongue her twat. He licks her wet snatch, making her moan. “Stick that tongue in there just like that,” she tells him. Her boyfriend calls again but Louie takes her cell phone away and puts his cock in her mouth. “Suck them balls, baby,” he tells her.

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After gagging on his cock, she kneels doggie still for a quick round of banging on the bar stool. Louie pulls out and leads her to the ottoman where he drills her pussy missionary style. Khloe positions her legs over his shoulder while he pumps her cunt. She sucks him off 69 style then takes a hard pounding in reverse cowgirl position. “You’re gonna make that pussy fucking cum,” Khloe screams right before creaming all over his cock. She climbs off and swallows her juice off his dick then rides it cowgirl style. More missionary style drilling keeps Khloe moaning in pleasure. He positions her doggy style for a round of body slamming that leaves them both covered in sweat. “Fuck me, baby,” she tells him. “Get deep in that pussy, baby,” she says. He holds both her arms behind her back while drilling her hole. Louie pulls out and pops all over her face and in her mouth. She sucks his dick some more, swallowing the cum dripping off it. “That tastes so fucking good,” she remarks. He leads her by the hand into the shower where they play even more, kissing and caressing each other. She jerks his cock, getting it hard again, while he squeezes her ass. “You’re gonna give me that dick again,” she asks him right before sucking it and hosting it in her twat in standing doggy.

Scene 2: Sinderella and Jason Brown

Sinderella is alone in her room, feeling horny. She texts with Jason, telling him her boyfriend is out of town. Jason calls her, wanting to see her, but Sinderella tells him it’s so late at night. Jason convinces her to let him come over. Just a few minutes later, they’re sitting on the couch, having a drink. Jason wastes no time, kissing her and caressing her thighs, turning her on. Sinderella straddles Jason as he pulls her blouse up and sucks on her perky nipples. They kiss even more passionately than before with Sinderella rubbing Jason’s hard black cock in his pants. She drops to her knees and sucks his throbbing meat. Jason films the whole thing with his cell phone, moaning as Sinderella wraps her lips around his shaft. He thrusts his dick in and out of her wet mouth, feeding her face. Sinderella bends over doggy style on the couch and gets her pussy tongue whipped from behind. Jason spreads her ass cheeks open and licks her clit, making her pussy wet. He aims his big dick at her tight twat and penetrates her hole, pumping her doggy style.

Her wet cunt covers his cock in cream as Jason drills in and out of her pussy. Sinderella slams her body back and forth into his, gripping his cock with her twat. “It feels so good,” she moans at him. “That’s what I want to hear,” he says, gripping her around the waist while stretching her hole. She sits on his hard prick cowgirl style and rides it, bouncing up and down with her mouth gaping open. Jason sends every inch of his dick deep inside her, squeezing her ass cheeks while she rides him. “I want to taste it,” she tells him, climbing off his cock. She licks the taste of her pussy off his dick then takes more doggy style pounding, this time in the bedroom. The couple slides into downward doggy for more pussy stretching. Jason turns her over into missionary position and eats her wet pussy before pumping it. “I’m cumming,” Sinderella moans. “Fucking cum on my dick,” Jason orders her. He pulls out and feeds her his cock, watching her suck her own cum off it. Sinderella takes more cock in standing doggy position until Jason pulls out and pops all over her tits. She runs her fingers through his jizz and into her skin then kisses him. They go for a late-night skinny dip in the pool after fucking, kissing and hugging each other.

Scene 3: Jill Kassidy and Jason Luv

Jill’s boyfriend is being an ass hole right now. He texts her saying he doesn’t need a girlfriend like her who dances like a slut. Jill sits outside the club, angry at him. Jason walks up, wondering why a pretty girl like Jill is sitting outside alone. She explains what’s going on and Jason tells her to leave her boyfriend inside and hang out with him for the rest of the night. They get to know each other quickly, walking the busy streets, making out on benches. Jason’s place is not far away and he takes her there. Jill enjoys kissing him some more then gets on her knees to suck his cock. Jason’s dick is hard already as Jill jerks it back and forth in her hands and mouth. “Your dick is so much bigger than my boyfriend’s,” she tells him while gagging and spitting on it. “You ready to give me that pussy?” Jason asks. He takes her to the bedroom, sits her on the dresser, bites her panties open then tongue fucks her twat. Jill moans uncontrollably, watching Jason tongue fuck her. “Yes, right there,” she says. He gives her cunt a tongue lashing then sits her on his face, heating up the action.

He lays her on the floor missionary style, eats her pussy a bit more then starts fucking it, drilling her wet hole with deep, slow strokes. Jill cums all over his cock after a few short strokes, screaming out in ecstasy when she hits her peak. He takes her to the bed, eats her missionary style then face fucks her, ordering her to send his dick to the back of her throat. He films the cock-sucking action on his phone, giving us his POV of the action. “Turn that ass around,” he tells her, positioning her doggy style. He stretches her pussy from behind, stuffing it full of BBC. “Yes, right there,” Jill cries out as she cums again. “Let me get all that dick in there,” Jason tells her as he squat thrusts her pussy and moves into a downward doggy. Jill begs for him to fuck her harder. He pounds her twat then drives his dick deep inside her with slow strokes, slapping his balls against her. She sucks his cock then rides it cowgirl style. Jill turns over onto her back for a missionary fuck, cumming quickly from Jason’s deep strokes. He pulls out and pops in her mouth, coating it with cum.

Scene 4: Bailey Brooke and Jason Luv

Bailey’s boyfriend takes off in the car, leaving her standing there without her purse or phone. She walks up to Jason who is standing there smoking. She asks to use his phone to call a ride home. Jason offers to help her get her mind off her ass hole boyfriend. He takes her back to his place for a drink. She warms up to him right away, toasting to a great rest of her night. Bailey is soon overlooking the bright lights of the city and kissing Jason. He brings her inside, lays her on the kitchen island, pulls off her panties and eats her pussy, sending Bailey into full ecstasy. She closes her eyes and bites her lip as Jason’s tongue does flips on her clit. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you tonight,” Bailey tells him. He eats her twat from behind in standing doggy then drops his pants so Bailey cans suck his big cock. She jerks his shaft back and forth while wrapping her lips around it. She gives his balls some love, stuffing her mouth with them and sucking on them. Jason sits her on the kitchen island and fucks her then turns her around doggy style, sitting her on a bar stool and banging her pussy from behind. He stretches her pussy all the way out then pulls out and fucks her face. Bailey gorges on his girth, swallowing the taste of her pussy.

Bailey moans in ecstasy from his BBC banging. Missionary on the couch comes next. Bailey holds one leg up over Jason’s shoulder while he drills her twat. She sucks him off again then goes for a cowgirl ride on his cock that makes her pussy cream all over his dick. She sucks all that off his shaft then rides cowgirl again before turning around into reverse cowgirl. Jason stands up and shoots his load on her face and in her mouth. Bailey sucks his cock telling him, “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Final Thoughts:

Decorated director Greg Lansky presents Blacked Raw Vol. 12 featuring Khloe Kapri on the cover and in a steamy opening scene with big black cock master Louie Smalls. Khloe hosts his thick dick in her tight twat until it’s stretched all the way out. Fully satisfied by Louie’s deep drilling, Khloe kneels for a blast of cum all over her face, capping off a hot night. This two-and-a-half-hour movie includes three more sizzling IR scenes with Sinderella, Jill Kassidy, and Bailey Brooke whose pussies are banged relentlessly by Jason Brown and Jason Luv until they cream. I highly recommend this IR flick that stays true to the Blacked Raw production style.

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