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Girl Talk (DVD & Blu-ray Combo)

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Studio: » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 3/16/11

XCritic's Advice:

Digital Playground's newest title is the ilk of porno I love. A porno with a plot. A porno with an actual plot is much easier to chew on than without and brings more creatvity to the table. Sure, the performances here won't garner an Oscar win any time soon, and the premise is about as far-fetched as it is ridiculous, but "Girl Talk" is an entertaining and well made hardcore porn that takes the gorgeous Kayden Kross and pairs her with her two roommates, Mick Blue and Scott Nails, two men desperately horny, while Mick is desperately in love with Kayden Kross. Twice a month, Kayden holds a secret party for her and her gal pals and she allows no men to join in. Curious and anxious to get in to her mind, her roommate Mick, tired of getting to hear her be royally fucked every night without anything to do with her decides to hatch a plan. Mick and Scott dress up like women! Of course!

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No make up, no girdles, they merely put on conveniently fitting dresses they have in handy and conveniently stored wigs that they slip on their heads and show up to the party. Kayden of course is not at all put off by their attire and gladly welcomes them in to their home under the fallacy that they're the sister of roommate Mick. This allows Mick and Scott Nails at chance to see what girls do when they're alone together. And it involves random sex with complete strangers which may or may not involve a sexually transmitted disease. I'm just kidding. The first segment after the prologue with Kayden give her gentleman caller the best blowjob in the history of mankind is Lily LeBeau who appears at the party giggling and ensuring the women that she has tricks up her sleeves.

This trick involves inviting a hunky pizza delivery man over who doesn't notice her flaunting her body in small lingerie. The camouflage for the two men does very little to ward off the local hunky stripper too whose own sexual adventurousness brings him practically in to their laps as they fend him off in vain in a hilarious moment. You have to give it to Kayden Kross who is capable of keeping a straight face for most of her segments with Mick and Scott, watching them shamble around in women's clothing and doing very little to keep her laughs apparent. Mick Blue is also funny as he tries to mug for the camera as this lovelorn man who also conceals his heavy accent behind a female voice. Of course the cat is ripped out of the bag when Loni Evans takes a liking to the female Scott Nails who finds it impossible to resist her feminine wiles and is caught in a corner pounding on her from behind.

When Mick is caught by Kayden Kross, the confession is shockingly heartfelt, and of course she rewards his honesty and trickery with a good hard fucking. One of which ends in in a complete facial as Kayden proudly has found the man she's been looking for. "Girl Talk" is a completely hardcore porno, but it's also a funny little "Three's Company" romp in the sack with some hilarious performances and Mick Blue completely unable to pull off a dress. However you have to love Kayden as a dream girl since she is about as flawless as it gets when it comes to her body. Yum.

The colors have a dull green tone that is sometimes distracting but otherwise, the film is crisp and beautiful. With a widescreen presentation and an option for 5.1 Surround sound, the movie plays like an actual film with every bit of dialogue coming in loud and clear with the fucking scenes perfectly visible and void of poor editing. The sound is magnificent often times with a crystal precision that makes the dialogue seamless to listen to and the fucking quick to involve yourself in to.

The package comes in a Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack. Sadly I am without a Blu-Ray player so I can only read the contents which include bonus trailers, a 1920 x 1080 picture resolution, a photo gallery and a Behind the Scenes featurette. The DVD features an eleven minute Behind the Scenes featurette on the set of "Girl Talk" where Mick Blue marvels at the fruity cereal he's eating he's never had before. There are also interviews with all of the stars including the luscious Loni Evans who looks damn good on screen and Kross' anxiousness in fucking Anthony Dibras whom she loves to get down and dirty with. There is also a gallery and a slideshow of scenes from the film. Finally there are trailers to other Digital Playground films.

After Thought:
It's rare to come across pornos that have plot lines and characteres these days so I enjoy going across them with fine toothed combs and looking at what they're trying to do with it. Filled with gorgeous women and great fuck scenes, "Girl Talk" is a great romance comedy with a porn edge that works even when it's being the most idiotic. I Highly Recommend It.

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