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Double Play #5

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Studio: » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 12/20/07

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Genre: Threesome

Director: Mark Ashley

Cast: Max, Lana, Lindsey, Ashlynn, Lexi, McKenzee, Ashley, Holly, Harmony, and Kayla.

Length: 2 hrs. 51 mins

Production Date: 5/10/2007 6/02/2007


15 minutes worth of behind the scenes clips for each of the acts makes the grade here with some candid and personal interviews and such. The content was a lot of fun and the performers all have a good time talking to the camera guy. I also feel compelled to mention that watching McKenzee's pussy farting technique was quite...disturbing. A bonus scene is also included from "Fresh Outta High School" but it's also the same one that was tacked on to Ashlynn & Friends.

The only other feature available is the ability to selectively view each scene by action type such as tease, cowgirl, etc. Other than that you'll just find some photo galleries and trailers.


Presented with an anamorphic widescreen transfer, Doubly Play 5 by Digital Sin looks great on DVD. The five scenes here are sensational looking with no lapse in quality to really mar the presentation. Sure a little bit of grain appears now and then plus the contrast can be somewhat wonky during transition but all around the video remains very strong. The 2.0 Dolby Digital is competent for what it is as well though I can't say that it will blow your socks off. The content features clean and concise audio with proper balance for the most part and very little to gripe about other than the fact that the 2.0 is somewhat limiting.

Body of Review:

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Mark Ashley is no slouch when it comes to threesomes as the fifth Double Play installment has arrived. Ten fantastic girls join hands, lips, and pussies for a little FFM action. The five scenes here are very good though I have to admit that a few stand out above the rest. If you're looking for some awesome threesome action then you really have to look no further. This release is pretty hot from start to finish.

Condoms: Nope.

Scene 1:

Harmony and Kayla are first up for a threesome as Double Play 5 gets underway. The girls start stripping, licking, and rubbing each other immediately and it's nice to know that they don't waste any time. After a couple of minutes the third wheel walks in and Harmony and Kayla go to town slobbering all over his cock. They take turns sucking it and even go at it at the same time. After a while they bend over the railing and then proceed with the, well, railing. The best part about this was when Harmony climbed over the railing and was sitting atop of it while getting fucked. Once they get their fill of the railing the trio heads over to the sofa where the real sex begins. Harmony and Kayla continue to swap off riding his dick while the other would rub his balls or play with the girl. There was a lot of energy here and the sex was great all around. The cum swapping at the end was a nice touch too.

Scene 2:

The main attraction is up next with Lindsey Meadows and Ashlynn Brook going at it. The girls start off wearing fishnet tops and they look simply stunning as they start playing with each other. The scene gets even better when they crawl over to the guy waiting patiently on a sofa and start giving him a blow job sandwich. Lindsey hops on board the cock first and starts riding it nice and steady while playing with Ashlynn's pussy. As the scene progresses the girls take turns getting fucked while licking or fingering the other's pussy. Everyone involved really got into the sex which gave it a genuine feel that many threesome scenes lack. Lindsey and Ashlynn were all over each other and right up until the end with a facial and cum swap the girls never remove their hands.

Scene 3:

Max and Lana get right to the point with the sex and their teasing doesn't last as long as the previous girls. While Max's shaved head didn't quite do it for me I have to say that Lana looked great as she always does. The two go against a large dick though I have to say that Max takes it much better than Lana does. There is a point during the scene when the camera zooms right in on Max's pussy and she's taking every inch of it and liking it. Unfortunately the girls aren't as into the threesome aspect as Lindsey and Ashlynn were as Lana is the only one that makes any effort to stimulate her partner. Max does take it in the ass though which gives her some bonus points for being a trooper I suppose.

Scene 4:

Ashley and Holly go through some nice teasing outdoors before going inside and taking on their boy toy. They spend a fair amount of time sucking his dick but I particularly liked it when Holly jump to the edge of the sofa to get her pussy licked while Ashley worked his cock over. After a few minutes of this Ashley climbs on to get fucked which is then preceded by Holly doing the same. The sex stays kind of straightforward with no surprises and throughout it all the three performers are very vocal which has always been a turn off for me. The best part about this scene was when the girls propped themselves up on their shoulders butt to butt with their pussies in the air for some interesting fucking.

Scene 5:

Last up to bat are Lexi and McKenzee and though the best wasn't saved for last this scene was very nice. The girls have a fair amount of teasing time as they played with each other prior to their male counterpart coming in. Like Ashlynn and Lindsey, Lexi and McKenzee hardly ever pull themselves away from each other. There's just something about a threesome where the people involved share their attention that makes it instantly better in my opinion. Squirt fans will love this scene because both girls spray all over the place (though Lexi takes the cake).


If threesomes are your thing then Mark Ashley's Double Play is probably a series you're very familiar with already. The fifth installment features ten girls who really get into the sex though some of these scenes are notably better than the rest. Out of what's here I'd say that three out of the five are fantastic with the other two being better than average. That spells a solid release in my opinion and because of that I'm going to highly recommend this title. Ashlynn is quickly becoming one of my favorite performers and along with the others you can't really go wrong here.

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