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AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Director: Non-Feature, Rain Coater's Point of View 1 (2002)

CAVR Awards

Nominee: Hottest Director

Sex Awards

Nominee: Favorite Director

XBiz Awards

Nominee: Director of the Year (Body of Work)

Titles in YELLOW are Webscenes; Blue are Bi/All-Male titles and Grey are compilations.

Movie Title Distributor Studio Year Rev Formats
2 on 1 1Diabolic Video19995DRO
2 on 1 10Diabolic Video20011DRO
2 on 1 2Diabolic Video19992DO
2 on 1 3Diabolic Video19992DRO
2 on 1 4Diabolic Video19991DRO
2 on 1 5Diabolic Video19994DRO
2 on 1 6Diabolic Video20002DRO
2 on 1 7Diabolic Video20013DRO
2 on 1 8Diabolic Video20012DRO
2 on 1 9Diabolic Video20014DRO
3 On Me POVVouyer Media20065DRO
7 The Hardway 2Vouyer Media20038DRO
Amateur Assault 1Vince Vouyer Unleashed20111DRO
Amateur Assault 2Vince Vouyer Unleashed20112DRO
Anal Angels 2: In High HeelsElegant Angel20011DRO
Anal Angels 3Elegant Angel20022DO
Anal Junkies On Cock 1Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
Anal Junkies On Cock 2Jules Jordan Video20105DRO
Anal Junkies On Cock 3Jules Jordan Video20124DRO
Assault That Ass 2Red Light District20027DRO
Best Of Cum DrippersRed Light District20043DO
Black Dicks in White Chicks 1Red Light District200111DRO
Black Dicks in White Chicks 2Red Light District20027DRO
Black Listed 1Vince Vouyer Unleashed20095DRO
Black Listed 2Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
Black Listed 4Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Black on Black 5Red Light District20034DRO
Blow Job FaceVince Vouyer Unleashed20107DRO
Blowjob Face 2Vouyer Unleashed20143DRO
Bombshell Bottoms 2Vouyer Media20065DRO
Bombshell Bottoms 3Vouyer Media20076DRO
Brand New 1Red Light District20028DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 1Red Light District200111DO
Breakin' 'Em In 10Vouyer Media20073DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 11Vouyer Media20073DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 12Vouyer Media20094DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 13Vince Vouyer Unleashed20116DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 14Vince Vouyer Unleashed20114DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 15Vince Vouyer Unleashed20124DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 16Vince Vouyer Unleashed20124DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 17Vince Vouyer Unleashed20124DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 18Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 19Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 2Red Light District200211DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 3Vouyer Media20025DO
Breakin' 'Em In 4Red Light District200311DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 5Red Light District20039DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 6Red Light District20042DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 7Red Light District2004DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 8Vouyer Media20058DRO
Breakin' 'Em In 9Vouyer Media20066DRO
Butt DialedJules Jordan Video20094DRO
Choc Full A NutRed Light District20037DO
Choke It DownRed Light District20042DO
Control FreaksVouyer Media20084DRO
Cum Drippers 1Red Light District20019DRO
Cum Drippers 10Jules Jordan Video20133DRO
Cum Drippers 2Vouyer Media20028DRO
Cum Drippers 3Red Light District200210DRO
Cum Drippers 4Red Light District20038DO
Cum Drippers 5Red Light District20035DRO
Cum Drippers 6Red Light District20047RO
Cum Drippers 7Vouyer Media20043DRO
Cum Drippers 8Red Light District20056DRO
Cum Drippers 9Vouyer Media20075DRO
Cum Glazed 1Vince Vouyer Unleashed20102DRO
Cum Glazed 2Vince Vouyer Unleashed20114DRO
Cum Glazed 3Jules Jordan Video20122DRO
Cum Glazed 4Jules Jordan Video20131DRO
Cum Glazed 5Jules Jordan Video20143DRO
Cum Swapping Sluts 1Red Light District20018DRO
Cum Swapping Sluts 2Red Light District20025DRO
Cum Swapping Sluts 3Red Light District20025DRO
Cum Swapping Sluts 5Red Light District20035DRO
Double D POV 1Vouyer Media200510DRO
Double D POV 2Vouyer Media20057DRO
Down to Fuck 1Jules Jordan Video20122DRO
Down to Fuck 2Jules Jordan Video2012DRO
Down to Fuck 3Jules Jordan Video20134DRO
Down Wit WhiteyRed Light District2004DRO
Ebony Ayes X-posedInfinity Film And Video1992
Every Rose Has Its ThornVouyer Media2011DRO
Feed The Models 1Jules Jordan Video20092DRO
Feed The Models 2Jules Jordan Video20104DRO
Fitness MILFs 1Jules Jordan Video20132DRO
Fitness MILFs 2Jules Jordan Video20142DRO
Fresh Flesh 1Odyssey19983DO
Fresh Flesh 2Odyssey19982DRO
Fresh Flesh 3Odyssey19981DR
From Her Ass to Her MouthRed Light District20047DRO
Gang Bang 1Red Light District20029DRO
Gang Bang 2Red Light District20027DRO
Gang Bang 3Red Light District20046DRO
Gang Bang 4Red Light District20046DRO
Gauntlet 1Vouyer Media20064DRO
Gauntlet 2Vouyer Media20065DRO
Gauntlet 3Vouyer Media20075DRO
Global PinkOdyssey19982
Group Thing 1Red Light District20029DRO
Group Thing 2Red Light District20029DRO
Group Thing 3Red Light District20035DRO
How Do You Want Me?Vouyer Media20067DRO
In Thru the Back Door 1Vouyer Media20065DRO
In Thru the Back Door 2Vouyer Media20074DRO
In Thru the Back Door 3Vouyer Media20075DRO
In Thru the Back Door 4Vouyer Media20076DRO
In Thru the Back Door 5Vouyer Media2008DRO
In Thru the Back Door 6Vouyer Media2009DRO
Initiations 1Anabolic Video19996DRO
Initiations 2Anabolic Video20003DRO
Initiations 3Anabolic Video20005DRO
Initiations 4Anabolic Video20005DRO
Initiations 5Anabolic Video20003DRO
Initiations 6Anabolic Video20014DRO
Initiations 7Anabolic Video20012DRO
Initiations 8Anabolic Video20011DRO
Internally Yours 1Elegant Angel20018DO
Internally Yours 2Elegant Angel20016DRO
Internet All StarsVouyer Media20091DRO
Just Over Eighteen 1Red Light District20016DRO
LA MeatOdyssey19976DO
Lewd Conduct 1Diabolic Video19983DRO
Lewd Conduct 10Diabolic Video20012DRO
Lewd Conduct 11Diabolic Video20012DRO
Lewd Conduct 2Diabolic Video19985DRO
Lewd Conduct 3Diabolic Video19985DRO
Lewd Conduct 4Diabolic Video19994DRO
Lewd Conduct 5Diabolic Video19993DRO
Lewd Conduct 6Diabolic Video19994DO
Lewd Conduct 7Diabolic Video20005DO
Lewd Conduct 8Diabolic Video20004DRO
Lewd Conduct 9Diabolic Video20002DRO
Loads of CumRed Light District20053DRO
Make Me Creamy 1Vouyer Media20063DRO
Make Me Creamy 2Vouyer Media20064DRO
Make Me Creamy 3Vouyer Media20063DRO
Make Me Creamy 5Vouyer Media20091DRO
Me Luv U Long Time 2Red Light District20037DRO
Monkey WenchBella19941
Multiple POV 1Red Light District20032DR
Multiple POV 2Red Light District20036DRO
Multiple POV 3Red Light District20053DRO
My Teen SwallowsVince Vouyer Unleashed20105DRO
Nice Rack 1Anabolic Video19983DRO
Nice Rack 2Anabolic Video19994DRO
Nice Rack 3Anabolic Video19992DRO
Nice Rack 4Anabolic Video20007DRO
Nice Rack 5Anabolic Video20005DRO
Nice Rack 6Anabolic Video20005DRO
Nice Rack 7Anabolic Video20013DRO
Nice Rack 8Anabolic Video20023DRO
Pay Me In CumJules Jordan Video20103DRO
Pornstars in the Making 2Vince Vouyer Unleashed20123DO
POV Junkie 1Jules Jordan Video20091DRO
POV Junkie 2Jules Jordan Video20106DRO
POV Junkie 3Jules Jordan Video20104DRO
POV Junkie 4Jules Jordan Video20114DRO
POV Junkie 5Jules Jordan Video20125DRO
Rain Coater's Point of View 1Red Light District20028DRO
Rain Coater's Point of View 2Red Light District200210DRO
Rain Coater's Point of View 3Red Light District200310DRO
Rain Coater's Point of View 4Red Light District2004DRO
Raw and Uncut BerlinRed Light District20044DO
Raylene ReturnsVince Vouyer Unleashed20095DRO
Road HeadPlatinum X Pictures20054DRO
Sexual Ussault VehicleVince Vouyer Unleashed20104DRO
Sodomania 9Elegant Angel1994DO
Straight to the A 1Red Light District200212DRO
Straight To The A 2Red Light District20027DO
Straight To The A 4Red Light District200311DO
SWAT 1Vouyer Media20077DRO
Tampa HeatOdyssey19974DO
Teen GlazingJules Jordan Video20107DRO
Teenage All StarsVouyer Media2009DRO
Teens In Tight Jeans 2Vouyer Media20064DRO
Teens on CockVince Vouyer Unleashed20104DRO
ThreesomeElegant Angel20011O
Threesome Dim-SomeElegant Angel20012O
Titty Sweat 1Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
Titty Sweat 2Jules Jordan Video20094DRO
Titty Sweat 3Jules Jordan Video20114DRO
True G.F.E. POVVouyer Media2009DRO
Vouyer Vision 1Red Light District20033DO
Vouyer Vision 2Red Light District20054DRO
Vouyer Vision 3Vouyer Media20077DRO
Where The Girls Sweat 6Elegant Angel20013DRO
Who's That Girl 1Vouyer Media20063DRO
Who's That Girl 2Vouyer Media20063DRO
Who's That Girl 3Vouyer Media20067DRO
Who's That Girl 4Vouyer Media20075DRO
Who's That Girl 5Vouyer Media20075DRO
Who's That Girl 8Vouyer Media20095DRO
Whole Enchilada 1Vouyer Media20061DRO
World Class Ass 2Red Light District20025DRO
XXX Road Trip 1Red Light District200213DR
XXX Road Trip 2Red Light District20024DRO
XXX Road Trip 4Red Light District20039DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 1Red Light District200210DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 10Vince Vouyer Unleashed20114DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 11Vince Vouyer Unleashed20132DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 2Red Light District20038DO
Young Ripe Mellons 3Red Light District20039DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 4Vouyer Media20034DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 5Red Light District20047DO
Young Ripe Mellons 6Red Light District20046DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 7Red Light District20052DRO
Young Ripe Mellons 8Red Light District20058DO
Young Ripe Mellons 9Vouyer Media2007DRO
Young Tight Latinas 1Red Light District20017DRO

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